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Reduce Maintenance Cost by
Easylube Patrol Management System (PMS)

Easylube Patrol Management System (PMS) simplifies maintenance jobs dramatically. With PMS support, maintenance managers can manage states of each lubrication point and monitor the patrol mission progress of each technician easily. In addition, PMS provides GUI interface to intelligently guide a technician to perform patrol mission step by step, such that high quality patrol report can be achieved even if the mission is assigned to a fresh technician.

Operation Process Flow:

Easylube Patrol Management System (PMS) consists of three components:

(1) Easylube RFID Lubricator

Eaylube RFID Lubricator is equipped with a RFID (NFC) tag as an identifier, so that technicians have not to know what the identifier is and all that they have to do is just bring a RFID (NFC) reader close to the RFID (NFC) tag. Without recording identifier number manually, the correctness can be ensured and the maintenance information corresponding to the identifier number can be retrieved as soon as the RFID (NFC) tag is read.

(2) Guardwatch Application

Guardwatch Application can run on a smart phone or a rugged PDA with RFID (NFC) support to assist technicians in their patrol missions. For smart phone version, it can be downloaded on Google Play. After reading the RFID (NFC) tag of an Eaylube RFID Lubricator, Guardwatch application analyses the mission and states of the lubrication point immediately and provides GUI interface to guide the technician to check the key points intelligently. It not only simplifies patrol jobs, but prevents equipment from failure due to inattention or inexperience patrol process.

(3) PMS Application

PMS Application runs on a desktop for a maintenance manager to monitor the states of each lubrication point. The state of each lubrication point is highlighted with different colors to notify the manager to perform routine inspection, cartridge exchange or trouble shooting, etc.

With the assistance of PMS application, a manager can assign and transmit patrol missions to Guardwatch application of a technician via an USB connection. The manager can also keep tracking the progress of each assigned mission on PMS application

Besides the short distance transmission, PMS application also provides the capacity of “Live“ transmission which allows PMS and Guardwatch applications communicate with each other via Internet.

The architecture of “Live” transmission is many to many. That is, one PMS can associate with multiple Guardwatches. In other words, a manager can assign missions of different divisions and groups to different technicians. On the other hand, one Guardwatch can also associate with multiple PMSs. In other words, a technician can receive multiple missions from different PMSs and report the patrol records of each mission to corresponding PMSs.

Replenishing volume and re-lubricating interval are the critical factors affecting lubrication quality. PMS provides Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) calculation tool which is based on the maintenance theorem for users to rapidly and conveniently get the theoretically optimum lubrication setting, so that optimum lubrication quality can be achieved easily with MQL support.

System Requirements:

Operation System Windows 7, 8, 10
CPU 1G Hz (or above)
RAM 2G Bytes (or above)
Hard Disk Space 2G Bytes (or above)

Guardwatch for Smartphone
Operation System Android 4.0 (or above)
Resolution 1920 x 1080
1280 x  720
 960 x  540
Other Module NFC Support
Google Play Link Guardwatch for Android Smartphone

Guardwatch for Rugged PDA
Operation System Windows Mobile 6
Resolution 320 x 240
640 x 480
800 x 480
Supported PDA Unitech PA692, PA690, PA600