Easylube®DC Power Supply Adapter

DC Power Supply Adapter
for 250ml model

 Easylube® P-606L

DC Power Supply Adapter
for 60ml / 150ml model

  Easylube® P-606S

Stable, Economical, Handy, Eco-friendly

Easylube® P-606S and Easylube® P-606L are made for improving the performance of battery driven power supply. Easylube® DC Power Supply Adapter can be simply put on the driver to replace lithium batteries to provide more stable DC power supply.

The operating temperature of DC Power Supply Adapter is from -30°C~80°C. Stable DC power supply can be guaranteed in both indoors and outdoors to deal with harsh working environment. Problems like changing lithium batteries too often and further management can be greatly improved.

Adapter type Easylube® P-606S ( For 60ml / 150ml model )
Easylube® P-606L ( For 250ml model )
Input DC 10 - 36V 2A
Output DC 5.7V 2A
Power 12W
Flammability Rating Main case HB
IP Rating IP 65
Cord Length 1 meter
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  1. When connecting this unit to AC power, please make sure the power supply meets the technical requirement of this product.
  2. After installing this power supply, each time the start switch (ON/OFF) will reset the operation program (RESET), the lubricator will return to zero and re-execute the automatic greasing program (1-360 times).
  3. After installation, observing the position of piston in the grease cup is necessary. Make sure to replace with new grease cup when the piston is almost at the bottom of grease cup.
  4. Before the end of the automatic greasing, the greasing piston will still keep running even it is already at the bottom of the grease cup. It will only stop till the pressure reaches the warning level, which might lead to deformation at the bottom of the grease cup that caused by overpressure.
  5. After switching to DC adapter, the automatic lubricator will no longer comply with the UL explosion-proof certification specifications. Please make sure that the method of power connection and standard comply with local electrical regulation.

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