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150 EX series
Dispensing Grease Capacity:150 ml

The new generation of Easylube EX6 series automatic lubricator has inherited the patented electro-mechanical gear set design that provides stability and reliability for long-term applications. EX6 series has also added the intelligent circuit protection technology and multiple protection designs that significantly enhances the safety certification level of the product application ranges. EX6 series has passed the strict standards of the European Union ATEX international explosion-proof certification to ensure safety when used in hazardous areas.

The EX6 series is equipped with the AI intelligent perception system, the patented infrared control technology and the intelligent task sensing program, which ensured the precise implementation of lubrication standard (SOP). The EX6 series can automatically monitor the grease injection status at all times, and it can signal the indicator light to identify lubricator operating status, including low battery, abnormal grease injection, and the completion of greasing cycle.

The warning indicator light is the tri-color designed, which is able to withstand harsh environments, prevent crush failure, improve the visibility of users, and enhance the stability of lubricator’s operating life.

Product Specification
Product Model 150 EX
Connecting Thread 1/2" PT (M)
Grease Cartridge Volume 150 ml
Cycle Setting 0.5 to 12 months
Operating Temperature -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Push Force of Pressure Plate
5-150 psi. Automatically adjusts according to the bearing’s back pressure.
Output Pressure
(Cup exit)
Under 10 bars. Prevents grease from seeping through the shaft seal.
Indicator Lights Green: Normal operation
Single orange: Low battery
Double orange: Abnormal grease injection
Red: End of lubrication cycle
Product Size
(height x diameter)
15.7 x 8.35cm (6.18 x 3.28")
Easylube® Service Pack Rated Power (Battery Specification):
Easylube ® P-613A 6V x 1600 mAh , V0
Lubricant Refill (Lubricant Specification)
Easylube® 1000 High performance grease cup
Easylube® 1500 Multi-Purpose grease cup
Easylube® 2000 Heavy-Duty grease cup
Easylube® 5000 Food Grade grease cup
DIY empty grease cup
ATEX Hazardous
Locations Certification
(Certificate Number)
 II 3 G EX ec IIC T6 Gc
Ingress Protection Code IP66
CE Certification EMC SGS Reference NO.: MH/2020/10001C
RED SGS Reference NO.: MH/2020/10002C
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