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Brand History
Industrial lubrication
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Hornche Corporation established in 1988. Formerly Hornche Corporation distributed USA famous brands industrial lubrication maintenance products, such as Fel-Pro, Ultrachem, and CROWN, and then Hornche Corporation became authorized exclusive distributor of Cling Surface for Taiwan. During the developing process, Hornche Corporation had seriously investigated common lubrication problem which customers met and looked for more proper solution. Therefore, Hornche Corporation had newly imported Uniquip spring lubricators from US and ATS electro-luber gas lubricators from Canada for better solution.

However, as being Taiwan exclusive distributor, Hornche Corporation kept receiving customers’ complaints about lubricators for their poor dispensing performance, lack of warning system to abnormal lubrication status, and high expense of replacing lubricators on every dispensing cycle, etc. Customers’ complaints brought disappointment. We founded all question and problems resulted from these lubricators are not capable of satisfying customers’ request, so it inspired us to start revolution.

Revolution originates from disappointment.
Clarity is the key to change.
Easylube Lubricator
automatic lubricators

In 1992 Hornche Corporation successfully developed Lube-up® micro-computer automatic lubricators which were the first invention of electromechanical gear driven automatic lubricators in the world and received worldwide patents. Lube-up® can not only control dispensing volume and schedule but automatically detect back pressure from abnormal status. Besides it was designed as a reusable unit with consumable for being more economical and environmental-friendly.

In 1997 the first generation Easylube® automatic lubricators
(V1.0, silver cover) were launched on market. Keep continuously developing, in 2005 Easylube® automatic lubricators have been upgraded to the fifth generation (V5.0) and categorized to 3 models: Classic, Elite, and RFID series. Easylube® automatic lubricators have been popular with customers since they were launched. In addition to 100% fulfilling maintenance job, Easylube lubricators reduce maintenance expense. However, as having more practical experience, Hornche Corporation gradually realized it’s still not enough to solve all lubrication problems by only automatic lubricators. The lubrication replenishing volume and interval decided by technicians and how technicians cope with when they find warning signal from lubricators will influence the quality of lubrication. Besides, technicians having different lubrication experience and trained level do also influence it. Therefore, we realized customers need a complete helpful lubrication system, and this idea inspired us to plan revolution again.

Easylube RFID Lubricator
automatic lubricators
Revolution originates from disappointment.
Clarity is the key to change.
Easylube PMS
Total Patrol Management System

In 2006, Hornche Corporation started to develop MQL
(Minimum Quantity Lubrication) calculation software, to lead bearing lubrication move forward to simpler concept for every maintenance technician by scientific method.

In 2009, Hornche Corporation started to apply RFID technology to make lubrication management system.

In 2013, Hornche Corporation combined all previous application and launched Easylube® RFID Total Patrol Management System (TPMS). Working by smartphones or explosion-proof industrial PDA, RFID NFC (Near Field Communication) technology can identify each lubricator and smartly lead site-technicians do routine patrol and maintenance jobs with simple pictures instruction. It comprehensively improves maintenance working efficiency and avoids former problem caused by human error or un-experience workers.
Easylube PMS
In 2014, TPMS upgraded to LIVE version. Using this version, site maintenance technicians can simply transmit site patrol record to TPMS via wifi or internet. Management center (computer side)
can get the status of each lubrication point any time by checking record collection sent back from site technicians via internet or USB transfer, and it can also immediately assign patrol jobs to maintenance technicians as a complete lubrication program. This convenient transmitting method provides management center timely information of site situation.
Our goal is constantly improving the quality of lubrication and also simplifying everyone’s lubrication work. We deeply believe Easylube® automatic lubricators and RFID TPMS will greatly achieve the purpose and bring each factory the most efficient Lubrication Management System.